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Thesis 2 Tutorials and Documentation

It’s nearly September and I’m working on a much more improved and updated tutorials page to come out in a few weeks… Stay tuned

Stumped? Need help to get your Thesis 2 website to absolute nirvana? Check out the many awesome Thesis 2 tutorials, documentation, videos and articles to get you rockin’!

If you’re looking for help in a video format, check out the Thesis 2 Video Tutorials resource page.

The first place you should look for solutions to Thesis 2 as a theme framework, is the DIYThemes website. Make sure to visit:

Thesis Theme User’s Guide – the documentation and tutorial resources for Thesis 2.0 are constantly being added.

Discussion Forum – this is where you can ask for help when you’re really stumped. Be sure to check out the many suggestions and guides to get your Thesis site just right. The Thesis Theme community is superb and will help you or point you in the right direction. You must be logged in to access the forum.


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  • Dilip

    I am running thesis 2.0 with a custom skin that I designed myself, on one of my blog. It is a simple skin. There is just one thing that I wish to add to it. I want the first post on the homepage (which will be the latest post) to display as full post and the rest will all be as excerpts.

    I tried using a query box, but the problem is when you click on the “previous post” link, the second and all the subsequent pages show the first post (which is the output of the query box) as is. I do not want this to happen. Instead I want this query box to show up only on the home page. How do I do it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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